Workpackage 5

Analyzing the Eco-Systems of SEs and NPOs in Johannesburg

The second research step within the RUC project (work package 5) analysis the eco-systems of SEs and NPOs aiming to identify promoting and hindering conditions for their work . Whether and to what extent SEs and NPOs are successful social service producers and enable civic engagement largely depends on their socio-economic environment .  Ecosystems are an important part of good governance in urban communities and includes the relationships between local governments, administrations and the organizations at stake. In the second year, RUC is going to focus on urban governance and in particular on the socio-econimic and cultural embeddedness of SEs and NPOs, using the “Organizational Field” approach derived from organizational theory/sociology. Case studies are carried out in two socially disadvantaged districts of of Johannesburg, which are highly in need of social services and strengthenend resilience. Rapidly growing, Johannesburg is struggling with serious social problems, while at the same time creating new, innovative solutions.

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